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A&M Corson’s AquaValue is your #1 source for pool and spa chemicals! We stock everything you need for a clean, healthy pool, including; chlorine, bromine, test kits, pool shock, algaecides, alternative sanitizers, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

HASAChlor is the strongest liquid chlorine available, is available at A&M Corson’s. One gallon equals two pounds of “dry shock” and contains no Calcium to cause stains or scale. It is drinking water quality chlorine and provides pool owners the best value in chlorine. And if you use the returnable cases, you are helping the environment by not filling the landfills with waste.

We also carry a wide range of maintenance products to help you spend less time (and money!) on maintenance chores. Spring, summer, fall and winter… no matter what season you maintain your pool or spa, we have exactly what you need – IN STOCK.

AquaValue Tru Blu:

Tru Blu Line Pic 1

A&M Corson’s AquaValue offers our exclusive Tru Blu product line to keep your water chemistry balanced & your pool crystal clear all year round.

Pool Blue 10,000: This is an all-natural clarifier made from crab shells that helps keep your pool clear & sparkling. Use: Weekly along with chlorine & acid.

No Chlor Shock: Got ‘stinky’ water? This oxidizer helps to remove gases from water which can eliminate odd smells from our water. Use: Once a month as a part of shock treatment.

Enzyme Weekly: Removes oils, sunscreens, & other contaminants from water. Use: Weekly along with “Phosphate 3000”.

Phosphate 3000: Removes phosphates from water (3,000 PPB of 10,000 gallon pool) Use: Weekly along with chlorine & Enzyme Weekly.

Maximum Phosphate Remover: Removes phosphates from water (9,000 PPB of 10,000 gallon pool) Use: Weekly along with chlorine & Enzyme Weekly.

4 Month Algaecide: Removes algae from water. Made with copper algaecide; lasts up to 4 months with proper water chemistry & sanitation.

Metal Eliminator: Prevents new staining deposits & aids in scale prevention. Use: Weekly along with chlorine & acid.

Clean Cell Plus: Purpose to clean ‘Salt Cell’ (instead of acid) & protects the ‘film’ on the cells. Use: Once every 3 months.

No Leaks: Liquid sealing of minor cracks & leaks in pipe work & pool surfaces. No need to empty pool or spa to use.

Stain Off: Removes some stains from plaster surfaces.


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